A Remington Man

Posted on February 14, 2012


When turkey hunting, it is good to plan a hunt with a back-up to the back-up plan because so many things can go wrong. Mostly it boils down to the way Mother Nature plays the game and what curve balls she throws us – things beyond our control.

Now, there are some factors we control that can determine the outcome of a hunt. It could involve getting a little too cheeky with your calls, refusing to change the war plan like the conditions call for or just paying no count to the clues of what is happening around you. It happens. You learn a lesson and move on. But the worst feeling is when your gear is the culprit of a promising hunt gone bad. Better cover your ears if that happens!

I depend on a Remington shotgun to make sure feathers go “POOF” when I take that last step in a chain of critical events – squeezing the trigger. I cut my teeth on the All-American, no-nonsense, ready-for-work Model 870 with my old man in Booger Bottom. But lately, I have been patterning the Remington 11-87 models more.

These are workhorse shotguns as legendary to the American Sportsman as Louisville Sluggers are to the ballplayer. I feel comfortable putting the sight on an ol’ wrinkly head of a Thunder Chicken. I like the way Remingtons are built. They are low-maintenance and dependable guns.

The 11-87 Sportsman Super Mag ShurShot Turkey model is a pleasure to carry into the woods in the spring. I like the rubber overmolded grip panels on the stock and fore-end for a sure hold in all weather conditions. Also, these shotguns tame the biggest, baddest, 3 1/2" 12-gauge rounds with a soft-shooting action pardoning you from recoil.

If you are in the market for a reliable and tested turkey toaster, take a look at Remington’s lineup. We all put so much time and energy into picking the right calls, decoys and optics, but we are fortunate Remington has took the guesswork out of what gun to use. Having your gear take a nap while you put in the hard work to tag a turkey is a gut-wrenching experience and painful to watch. I hope y’all don’t have to go through it. Take out an insurance policy against it with a Remington, the good ol’ American standard, let ‘er eat!