Easton Da’Torch Arrows

Posted on January 11, 2013


At ATA, our sponsors let the cat of the bag and unveiled their latest innovations to archery gear. There’s great stuff coming off the assembly line, like the new Easton da’Torch arrows, the new line of Hoyt bows and more must-haves for 2013. I want to start my review the new products by telling you a little bit about the da’Torch arrows. I spent a lot of time with Easton to make sure we nailed the design, but before we get into the specifics, let me to clear the air on some things.

We don’t slap the Bone Collector name on any product just to make a dollar. We do it because we want Bone Collector to have input in the development of archery products used by us and other hunters. We work closely with partners to develop the exact piece of equipment we want to help fill our tags – products that are affordable and help us be more successful.

This is the fun part of it all. To have the chance to sit down and be heard by companies like Scent Blocker, Hoyt and Easton is very flattering. I have so much respect for Easton and what they do as a company. For them to listen to T-Bone, Nick and I about what we want in an arrow is pretty cool.

I think they did a heck of job taking our requests and bringing them to life with the da’Torch.  

First, let’s get to the name. “Da” stands for “Deadly Accurate.” The phrase, “Torch” came from what my Mom used to say when my Dad went hunting, and when eventually, I starting going with him. As we walked out the door early in the morning, she’d holler, “Torch one!” The name is cool, but the beauty of this arrow lies in the details.

Da’ Torch has the straightest tolerance of ANY all-carbon hunting arrow with a ± .001-inch straightness, along with a ± 1-grain weight tolerance. Da’Torch comes with brass inserts for extra mass and energy and better penetration. The smaller diameter (9/32”) is going to help penetration and you’ll see more ground pounding pass-throughs.

I don’t get caught up in the technical numbers as much as T-Bone does. I know these arrows are the real deal from using them this season. I do take T-Bone’s opinions very seriously though. He’s the best bow technician I know, and while we often cut it up with each other, we don’t joke about our archery gear. He’s particular and knows these arrows have the best tolerance on a carbon shaft he’s ever seen.

As of now, da’Torch is available in sizes 330 (7.9 grains/inch) to 480 (6.3 grains/per inch). It’s one heck of a sweet arrow built to be super strong, tough and made to completely put it through the heart of an animal.  Oh yea, it also looks good and the graphics are embedded into the carbon so they won’t fade or make noise when you draw back on that Freak Nasty buck in your neck of the woods.  

If you still need more convincing, check out this video to learn more.