Hunter’s Voices Heard

Posted on January 24, 2013


Bone Collector realizes how big the collective voice of the hunting community is, and when Bone Collector was selected by fans as the winner of Outdoor Channel’s Golden Moose Award for “Best Hunting Series” last week, we were incredibly grateful. We also took home the award for “Best Turkey Hunting” show, which always makes me happy.

Allow me to speak for the entire Bone Collector crew to thank you for voting and your support of the show. The Brotherhood is made up of the most unbelievable fans, and receiving this award is so special because it was chosen by you. And when you decide, there is no arguing. Thanks for your belief in The Brotherhood.

If you doubt how strong our voice is, just look at this week’s developments of the boycotting of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. It just goes to show, when we stand united on an issue, we can get some major stuff done. When we disintegrate because of nit-picky disagreements among us, we lose our power. You may not choose to hunt with an AR-15. That is your right. But others may. That is their right. And I am all about letting people, not the government, choose what is right and wrong. A couple years ago, I wrote an article about the practicality of using tactical guns for hunting. I still believe what I wrote:

“The Second Amendment, after all, isn’t about hunting, it is about our rights as citizens to own guns necessary for our protection. It is not up to us as individuals to define what a hunting rifle is or isn’t any more than we want anti-gunners and anti-hunters making those same decisions.”

You can read the whole article here.

There is a tough road ahead of us. It has started with the assault weapon ban, but is it going to stop there? What’s next? A ban on more traditional arms like those with bolt actions or levers? Think I am talking crazy and there is no way they would try to take those? Maybe. But then again, New York City is about to pass a law telling us how much coke we can order at a restaurant. Crazy is quickly becoming the new norm.

I’ll be at the NRA Great American Hunting and Outdoor Show this weekend in Frederick, Md. fighting for the Second Amendment and celebrating the culture of the hunter. Be sure to stop and chat with me if you see me!