Meyer Shoots his First Turkey

Posted on March 27, 2012

Michael waddell and son

Since I was 14, I never missed an opening day of Georgia’s turkey season. The reason I am so fond of being in the same woods I grew up in as a kid may have changed slightly during the years, but it all revolves around enjoying those moments with the ones you love. The 2012 turkey opener was no exception.

My youngest boy, Meyer, shot his first Thunder Chicken on Sunday. As we celebrated Meyer’s achievement, I knew we had created another Waddell from the backwoods of Booger Bottom. Boy, I am one proud papa!

As Meyer looked at me, his brother, and his first turkey lying at his boots, he was glowing with pride. I couldn’t help flashing back to the day I killed my first turkey with my dad and the day my oldest boy, Mason, shot his. Revisiting those times can be more enjoyable than pulling the trigger on a cagey bird yourself.

Which is a good thing, because now, my dad and I spend opening day guiding the boys to those moments they will remember for the rest of their life. I am near about sure that all the parents, uncles, aunts, big brothers and those blessed to share the outdoors with our young ‘uns  know what I am talking about.

Hopefully, this first exposure to the power of the great outdoors goes beyond just a memory and implants a desire to learn about the wilds outside of a classroom and computer screen. These are the life enhancing attributes that makes hunters the greatest people in the world.

I want to give a big ol’ pat on the back to all the new hunters taking that first step down a long road of passion and discovery that hunting will bring you. And I applaud all the hunters passing these traditions on. Everyone has a desire to hunt. It is how God created us. It is up to you and me to stir these urges in those who are ignoring or unaware of it. Meyer is already wound up to get his next bird, but this time he wants to run the call! I told him to keep practicing and we will see. Be sure to keep sharing your stories of your adventures on Facebook with the rest of The Brotherhood. I love reading them!